Palestinian Berlin baesd DJ. Plays house, techhouse, techno and fluffy techno.

fluffy techno





YA Z AN is a Palestinian DJ and a techie currently based in Berlin. He had started playing music for birthday parties, prom parties and house parties in his hometown Ramallah at the young age of 10. Not too long before moving to Berlin was he introduced to Techno and House music by genius musicians in Ramallah, one of which was his mentor and tutor SAMA‘. Since then and in parallel to moving to Berlin, YA Z AN has been synchronizing electronic music exposed to him in Berlin alongside the influence of traditional and alternative music from his home country, as he doesn’t like to limit himself to one style of music or expected collaboration of styles. He plays (in addition to house, techhouse and techno) what he likes to call “fluffy” techno. He describes it as the hard but not too dark kind of techno. It’s full of vocals, African and Latin percussions with additional kisses on top (which is what gets him in a ‘fluffy’ happy place). In 2018 YA Z AN joined the Ramallah based collective UNION not only as a DJ, but also designing, building and programming the lighting system that was used in the first underground Techno club in Ramallah proffered by UNION. He is currently working on different projects between Ramallah and Berlin.