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With their loud debut album, the trio Sooma from Zurich create something incredible. They set a movement in motion where some people who have inner aggressions get the urge to scream along, to shake it up and let go of everything negative. So a modern kind of self-healing. With energetic fuzzy riffs and detailed minimal single notes, they stand out from the other typical alternative noise bands. A bass that forms a perfect ground with the drums, a deeply distorted voice of the singer and guitarist (Yannick) is very thought-provoking and reminds a bit of the legendary Sivert Hoyem (Madrugagda). On February 14th, 2020 (Valentine's Day) her new album was released by the label Radicalis Music. On the same day her record baptism took place in the beautiful vaults of the viaduct in Bogen F in Zurich. Since 2017 they have been touring regularly, playing several club shows in Europe, festivals including Paraböle, Sonic Summer Sessions, Festival Le Rock Dérive Grenoble (FR), Swiss Live Talents Bern and MaMA Festival in Paris (FR). They also had great shows together in Switzerland, for example with Metz, Zeal & Ardor and Hathors. They are also affected by the crisis which is omnipresent in our country, that's why all club shows in France, Germany and Switzerland have been cancelled or postponed.But they are still in the game and look into the future. Industrial, noisy, loud and full power, that's what you get in the package SOOMA. «Rohe Kraft, schelmische Präsenz und greifbare Emotion sind, dass was die Musik von SOOMA ausmacht» - CITYGUIDE RHEIN NECKAR März Review «Treffliches Songwriting» GOOD TIMES 02/18 Review «Debütalbum von "Sooma" auf den Plattenteller. Das Schweizer Trio aus Zürich spielt einen Classic Rock, der mit treibenden Rhythmen und einer lauten Rhythmusgruppe überzeugt» © HOERERLEBNIS 104 Review