Balbo is part of an emerging new generation of electronic producers/DJs from Santiago, Chile. His productions and sound compositions are distinguished by the micro and minimal cut. Currently living in Berlin, he already publish releases at labels like Panal Records (Chile), Agua y Sed (Chile) and Main Main Music (Berlin, Germany).






“Pablo Balbontin has been a lover of electronic music since childhood. He’s been influenced since the 90’s by artists such as Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, and Underworld. Thanks to their music, and that of many others, at the age of 15 he decided to self-teach himself and become a DJ. In 2011 he began formal training in Music Production and Mastering, and as a result, he released his first tracks as “Balbontin”, in which he explores the concepts of Techno. In 2013 he decided to further deepen his knowledge by participating in courses that developed specific know-how in topics such as Comrpession, Equalization, and Mixing at the Sound Creative Academy. Thanks to these courses, he explored and experimented with a larger array of musical genres, such as Minimal, House, Micro, and other styles that coalesce into what today is known as “Balbo”. Balbo’s debut EP is called “Deseo” which was published through Panal Records in Chile. In parallel to all of this, he has gradually been integrated into the local scene as a DJ. Currently at his 27 years, he has shared a booth with artists such as BirdsMakingMachine, Daniel Sanchez, Umho, Cazaux, Zikuta, Kamila Govorcin, Elias Deepman. Where he has spined at important clubs of Chile like La Feria, Microclub, Bar Loreto, Teatro Caupolicán, Bar Loreto and Zócalo.”