Little Tornados

Somewhere between country, shoegaze and chanson lives the sound of Little Tornados. Begun in 2013 by David Thayer alongside Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), the project was started as David’s way of presenting their own “Manifesto to the Self”. Since then, the sloganistic and determined polemiicism shown by Little Tornados has reached Love Acid Revolution. It’s the name of their new album. “And we mean it.” Says Thayer. “Little Tornados is not only a musical, but also a political project”. Sceptics may have doubts that a band from Zurich should call themselves country, but, adds Thayer: “We are not abusing the term, but trying to give it meaning”. Obersvers, however, have called out the band’s Europhilic tendencies: In 2018, Brooklyn vegan wroted: “They describe their sound as “psychedelic country” but the album’s single, “Chérie la Mouche,” is tres French: swoony, swaggery and a little space age bachelor pad-y. Dig Stereolab and Serge Gainsbourg? You’ll probably dig this.” And in 2014, Pitchfork described the 2014 single Unicorn as: “Twinkling instrumental that borders on komische-country; like day-glo highlighting in a used Guy Debord textbook” Little Tornados Live are: Mischa Robert (bass), Georg Bleikolm (drums) David Thayer (guitar, voice)