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Jerzy Bulx has been in touch with music since he was a child. He started playing the guitar & some years later he got his father’s KORG Monopoly. The artificial sounds made him have a special interest in electronic music. ​ He started composing Eurodance in 2014 but a friend showed him some EDM tracks & it turned his interest to other genres. He got in touch with Garage House in the party of a breakdance competition. ‘Everybody was dancing. It was great! I didn’t know if it was the music or everyone was dancer… but I fell in love with that music’. In his journey of looking for new music he found some music that would influence him the most (Electro House). In 2017 he released ‘Wall Bang’, his first progressive single which was edited the next year to get a place into ‘Space Trip’, the EP where also appeared ‘Twist!’, his first Electro House song and collaboration with an American singer. In 2019 he released ‘Summer Nights’, a chill & emotional progressive song influenced by Garage House. As DJ he’s played in clubs in the West Coast of Spain and had to move to the East Coast to get a summer residency in Calonge where he lived an experience that has impacted his life. In this journey he realized he could change his mind to enjoy things he wouldn’t ever think about. ‘Living there started being a bad experience but it really became the best time of my life. I just had to enjoy every moment’. 'The only limiter in your life is you’