I’m a DJ from Zurich, Switzerland and mixing has been my passion since I know what a DJ is. I started out in my bedroom working on my skills, trying to develop new techniques and loving every second behind the Ones and Twos. I evolved from there to playing at private parties and small venues, until I won a DJ contest of a local label (Hype Events Zurich) in 2017. I gained exposure through the contest and managed to secure my place in the club-scene of Switzerland, where I DJ regularly for different labels. In 2019 I started playing internationally in the best clubs of Tokyo and throughout Germany. I play Open Format, scratch and do mashups. In a sentence I’m a DJ that loves to mix and to get people to dance to my music.

Tech House





Past Gigs

  • APR


    2000er Party

    Galvanik - Kulturzentrum

    Zug, Schweiz

  • MAR


    Dirty | Flügelwest Schaffhausen

  • MAR


    Hype | Green Klub Winterthur

  • MAR


    Single Party

    Sektor 11


  • FEB


    Tech House | Akt 2 Zurich

    22:00 - 02:00


James Michael V. was born in 1998 in Zurich. He always had an interest in pushing buttons and music. In his childhood James sang in the Zurich Boys Choir and had several solo performances in opera houses and Churches around Switzerland and around the world. He once saw a DJ at the Streetparade in Zurich, and from there on the dream to be a DJ was clear. He got his first mixer at age 10. With that he developed his skills, which he could use at home parties of his friends for the first time at the age of 15. In 2016 James played his first official club gig at the Komplex Klub in Zurich, and the name JMV was born. He managed to get into the scene through friends that saw him play at home parties. The next year he sold tickets and did promotion for a few labels to get unpaid gigs. In 2017 JMV won a DJ-Contest of the Label Hype Events, and secured a resident spot in the label. From then on he started playing a lot of clubs in Zurich, and soon expanded to the whole of Switzerland. 2019 was the international breakthrough for JMV, when he secured a booking in Japans best club (DJMag best club of Japan 2019) Camelot Club in Tokyo. A promoter there liked his music, so 2 weeks later he played another club in Tokyo (Trump Room). Today JMV plays all around Switzerland every weekend, with a few bookings in other countries like Germany.