Dj, Producer



Past Gigs

  • MAY


    Golzheim Pres. Exos


    Düsseldorf, Germany

  • FEB


    Exos (Mosaic, Трип / IS)

    The Lighthouse

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • JAN


    Auro Pres Exos [PlanetX /трип]

    Auro Kitchen

    New Delhi, India

  • JAN


    Planet X


    Hamburg, Germany

  • DEC


    Exos & LaFontaine Vol.4 // NYE 2019/2020


    Reykyavik, Iceland


Exos is one of the most experienced and respected techno figures in Iceland. He has been active since 1997, the name under which he has released three albums and more than twenty singles on labels like Thule records, Mosaic and Force inc. As well making collabration and remixs with artists like Steve O Sullivan, Ben Sims, Mark Broom and Dj Rush. Exos collaborated with Nina Kraviz and joined her label, трип last year. трип is an idiosyncratic electronic music label with official label launch parties. The first трип took place in a cave in Iceland in may 2015. Exos is one of the most forward thinking artists to emerge from Iceland’s techno landscape in the last 15 years. His music charms the introspective listener. His innate ability to build deep minimal techno grooves, with dubby atmospheres has become his signature production style. There is an interweaving a balance of nostalgic and current innovative elements to his tracks, with a primal percussion. Exos can go from the most experimental compositions to the more elegant underground dancefloor tunes, alway with a very particular sense of harmony. Iceland is primitive; with a population of just 320,000, So many places have this raw, untouched nature. Surrounded by mountains, primal coasts and lava, made of volcanic rocks. „This is where get my energy and influence for music“ Exos explains. He began producing at the age of 16, and by 17 had completed his first EP, Greenbeat, released on Thule Records. The following year, Nuclear Grasshunter came out on the icelandic label Plast Trax and the Q-Box EP was released on Thule records. That record which to this day is referenced as a pivotal production of that time. The Q-box EP was re-issued in April of 2015, and has already sold out. His third album „My Home is Sonic“ followed soon after, and was voted album of the year 2001 by MBL, a prominent Icelandic news source. Many in the techno world, Dj’s, producers and listeners alike, have expressed how „My home is sonic“ was a source of much inspiration from their introduction to both dub techno and techno genres. Delsin Records re-issued it in June of 2015, stemming from high demands on Discogs. In addition to his production. Also of paramount importance, is his role as a dj, which has led Exos to perform across the continents trough the years since 1999 in weird places like Ostgud, So36, U club, Paradiso, Tresor, Concrete, Robert Johnson, Fabric. ect ect. Exos excels in bringing a versatility of styles within the techno genres, further demonstrating his “listen” and sensitivity to his rhythmic surroundings.