Espacio Infinito


Espacio Infinito saw the light of day in 2011 thanks to the ambitions and creativity of Vladimir Napoles, a founding member of the band. Espacio Infinito expresses the encounter between Afro-Cuban and contemporary music styles. Embedded in a firm approach to Ethno-Rock, their musical background oscillates between ancestral roots and more modern rhythms. Through this mix of acoustics and sounds, African and distinctly Cuban tunes bring energy and sensuality to these eclectic compositions. And this through inspirations of rumba, jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop and World Music. Espacio Infinito thus creates a unique universe of harmonies that transcend space and time. Skimming over the contemporary or more ancestral sounds that bestow an echo from the past on the present. Accustomed to the Swiss as well as the international music scenes, Espacio Infinito's professional musicians go wild on stage to make you dance to furious rhythms and transport you into another dimension.

World Music Fusion


Ethno Rock

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