En Rêve (CH)

Echo Kollektiv

Almost two years the chanson «En Rêve» has been preparing their debut album «des paysages». The album is about the barriers of today's society. Depressions, feelings of inferiority or the pressure to perform perfectly are rarely openly discussed topics. «En Rêve» melt away cold feelings with sweet chansons.

Chanson/ Avantgarde Folk


Creation of a Band In Summer 2018 Catrin Perret and Phil Veit started to write their own music. At that moment Phil was more comfortable with playing blues and rock tunes. His biggest idol still is Neil Young. But Phil wanted to try something different, because he has a Bachelor degree in classical singing and piano. He used to compose in classic style and decided to let this experience slip into the new music.
 Together with Catrin he explored the chanson genre, as Catrin has an incredibly warm and appealing voice. Phil discovered several new guitar picking styles and worked hard to master them. A few weeks later they wrote their first song "Tu étais là“. Phil convinced Catrin to add a flute solo and the first demo with garage band was already scheduled. Their first gig took place in a private garden in Aargau, where they played various covers from different genres. One of them has been „Je ne regrette rien“ by Edith Piaf of whom Catrin is a huge fan. After a few more gigs they became confident and wrote more songs. About one year later they planned to make an EP, but Phil needed more time to compose and arrange the songs. So it took almost two years for them to get ready for their first rehearsal with full band. They needed two weeks for the pre-production of the album and afterwards they went to the studio. Already in the pre- production they noticed that their EP is actually a concept album. Most of the songs were recorded over one weekend in Studio Gelber Wolf with Alain Meyer. The album is dedicated to Phils best friend Andi, who died of cancer during recording sessions.
They brought along three musicians. One of them was Marco Näf on bass (former Navel) who turned out to be a huge help because of his long studio experience. Lucas Speiser, who is still an active part of the band, hit the drums. Furthermore they had the pleasure to work with Laurentz Berger from The Yelins, who rocked the final guitar solo. After the recording they took a short break, to organize the next steps. They hired Catrins sister Muriel to design the artwork and do all the graphics.
At the beginning of September 2020 they prepared for the record release and managed to get Benjamin Marti as second guitarist and Joe Moses Pablo Gees as bassist on board. Finally, on 15 October 2020, the release-party took place at Sääli in Basel. It was a great success. The album "Des paysages" will be released on 30 November 2020 by Interstellar Music.
And the single „Que faire?“ Will be released on 13.11.2020 on all streaming platforms.