Dee Green

With 10 printed releases on vinyl and more than 300 digital originals (Harthouse - Baroque - District Underground - Ibiza Squad - Wasabi - Gastpiel - Complex Texture - Tongut - Dmom - Tronic soundz - Prosthetic - Datacode) Dee Green music is being remixed by Alex Baw, Andy Toth’s, Antonio Pocai, Sascha Bart, Dustin Zahn, Kaufmann, Ferdinand, Re:Axis, Cristian Paduraru, Alecs Marta, among other great Artist.  Dee Green music were also included in some internationally Mix Albums such as : Lost in Pure techno Vo.5 (Groovematics) Techno Vol.2 (Freaky Culture), Ghost Population 8 (City Noise), Techno and only (Electrophenetic), Miami 2017 (Frequenza) - Multi Media Vol.20 (Baroque records) - Strukturberger#3 (Wasabi recordings) - Cytology Vol.6 (Lo4299) among big Artist like TigerSkin, Extrawelt, Sascha Carassi, Modauber, Hollen, Monika Kruse, Loco & Jam, among many others.  Dee Green is the founder (2012) and Head Label of TECHNOID recordings. In 2018 he ReLaunched Technoid recordings with a new look, new ideas and music, using the Label as a platform for releasing a variety of his own tracks! Dee Green DJ set are a mix of Melodic Etheral Deep Techno and Underground Dark Tech, and also he can found space in partys where the Afro Etno Deep House is played. 2020 Dee Green signed with Syncopate Afterhours and Trippy Code.

Melodic Techno


Dark Tech

Afro Deep House