DJ Pete Dawkins

AUSMIX Entertainment





Pete started learning to DJ at the age of 18 with an incredible appetite for music. This is not however, where the dream started: The dream started many years before, at the young age of 10 when Pete would spend countless hours repeating the same CD whilst dancing around the living room crazily and memorizing the words. As Pete grew older, and as technology grew, Pete received an iPod for his 14th birthday and started building his iPod Music collection - this started with his entire CD library. A short while later, Pete started getting his hands on DJ sets which he immediately fell in love with. He loved hearing the thrill of hearing the next song being mixed in, with different transitions and effects to enhance them. At the age of 17, Pete started using a virtual DJ software to start mixing what he had from, at the time, limited music library. During this Pete started to learn about beats per minute (BPM), tempos, melodies and using different effects to make his mixes stand out. By 18, it was time for the real deal - Pete bought his first real mixer which consisted of 2 channels and 2 decks. As his passion built, Pete started advertising to play at events and made a number of set lists for future clients. In 2013, Pete got his first break at a few of his friends birthdya parties and a charity event. From there, Pete has been involved massively with the Nightlife industry involving a number of clubs including Club London (St. Kilda, VIC), Kama Bar (Prahran, VIC), Club Schoop (Dandenong, VIC) and more. In summers, Pete was heavily involved in the Midsumma Carnival in Melbourne and performed on their Bon-BOYage boat parties, Girls At Sea and T-Dance on the Carnival Mainstage playing in front of 20,000 people. Fast forward to 2017, Pete has since moved to Brisbane, Australia and continues to live his passion - Music. He participated in the 2017 Your Shot competition as a Wild Card. Pete continues to perform for local charities such as the Cancer Council & Pride March and is always looking for a new party to hang his hat at. If you're looking for a DJ with endless passion & drive, creativity and inspiration - look no further - you've found him!