Chad Chaney

Reach Out

Worship Leader / Touring Recording Artist





Chad is a proud Lone Star State native from Fort Worth, Texas. Chad started his performance career on the stage while music was developing in his soul the whole time. He Studied drama in high school and later received a theater degree from Texas Christian University, With a degree in hand and multiple professional theater appearances on his resume, Chad set out for the bright lights of Hollywood. Although acting was such a fun adventure, Chad knew there was something more and his life had a much bigger purpose. Chad asked God what he could do to impact God’s kingdom and not just his own. That prayer turned into a position in full time worship music ministry. Chad began writing songs about his experiences, his ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly and ultimately finding hope and redemption in Jesus. Music is not just his calling, but also his passion and joy. “It’s the relationship with people all over the country that make singing these songs the best job ever.” Chad always wants to interact with people and hear their life journey story, their hopes and dreams and how he can pray with them and celebrate with them. Impacting God’s kingdom through his music, that’s the goal. Loving on Jesus and loving on others. No matter if Chad is singing one of his songs or someone else’s, he always says “It’s my job to sing WITH you and not AT you.” All of Chad’s performances are engaging and full of energy and at times can become a giant sing-a-long. Just how He likes it!