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Hussy and Hassan De Filippis, Italian brothers with Egyptian roots, began this intense collaboration in spring of 2014 both already having a successful music career. Hussy was introduced to music at the age of 14 years starting as a drummer and attending Metal concerts. At the age of 18, he approached the world of Psytrance and electronic starting to go to Psy events: a passion suffered gender. Hassan, music lover as well, always thought about starting to play bass, and at the age of 15 years, begins to be part of a metal band for 3 years. After producing the first album and sharing the stage with great artists of the genre he decided to move from a concept of analogue music to digital music and started working with Gonzi, a friend with whom he decided immediately to cast in the computer music production. Their path together lasts for years making his way in the environment psy Italian creating more of a following. After a series of intense experiences, Gonzi and Hassan decided to undertake the different music and it is at this point that the two brothers decided to start this project together trying to convey this new style born from the union of their musical skills and experiences. In the summer of 2016 Hassan decided to leave the project for personal reasons, Hussy continues the project with a lot of passion and dedication playing Around The world, already played in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France and Brazil. More festivals include Ganesh Festival in Porto Alegre (Brazil), Vision in Switzerland and many more.